The Rockcliffe Flying Club’s IFR Renewal program is designed to be flexible and adaptable to fit your needs and individual experience. Most current IFR pilots will choose to complete the Instrument Proficiency Check (IPC) in our Redbird simulator; it is the most cost-effective option!

Pilots looking to apply for an ATPL, however, may choose to do the IPC in our state-of-the-art Diamond DA42 Twinstar! The aircraft is equipped with Garmin’s G1000 integrated flight deck, a KAP 140 autopilot, and full FADEC engine control, ideal for any pilot familiar with—or wanting to become familiar with—a modern glass cockpit.

The program takes advantage of RFC’s certified Redbird simulator as well as our separate DA42 procedure trainer, the layout of which matches the actual aircraft. There is no cost to use the procedure trainer for practicing your drills. A Group 1 IFR rating is presumed. Rates are subject to change.

The sample course shown inside this booklet is an estimate based on three typical candidates: 1) a pilot whose 6-6-6 is current but who is due for the two-year IPC requirement; 2) a pilot whose 6-6-6 has lapsed but who still holds valid two-year currency from a previous IPC or flight test; 3) a pilot whose two-year currency has lapsed. In the first case, two options are shown, with and without a separate aircraft checkout. These are estimates only; as proficiency depends on individual aptitude, actual times and costs will vary according to the individual’s needs, experience, and recency. The program can be tailored to the individual!

How Much Does it Cost?

Because every pilot is unique and experience and currency vary, our IPC is tailored to meet your needs. These estimates are based on a typical pilot with the currency shown but will vary based on your individual experience.

Renewal in the Redbird Simulator
Current 6-6-6:$1072
Current IPC/FT:$1415
Lapsed IPC/FT:$1701
Renewal in the Diamond DA42
Current 6-6-6:$1883
Current IPC/FT:$3995
Lapsed IPC/FT:$4394