Discover Ottawa like never before!

Sightseeing flights are a great way to experience something new. Whether you’re native to Ottawa or just visiting, see the city from a whole new perspective. Let one of our qualified flight instructors show you the sights, and enjoy the freedom and thrill of flight. We also offer gift certificates which make a unique gift for any occasion! To book your flight contact us at 613-746-4425.

What packages do you offer?

We offer two sightseeing packages:

Parliament Hill Sightseeing Package

You and two friends can enjoy a 15-20 minute flight over the Nation’s Capital.

Price: $149

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Gatineau Park Sightseeing Flight

Embark on a 40-minute flight with two friends. Enjoy a bird’s eye view of Parliament Hill, the Ottawa River, and the picturesque Gatineau Park.

Price: $279

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How far in advance do I have to book?

Flight availability depends on aircraft and flight instructor availability. To make sure you get the time you want, we recommend booking about a week or two in advance. Sometimes, same day or next day bookings are possible although your preferred time may not be available. Feel free to give us a call and we will book you in as quickly as we can!

How many people can I bring?

Our aircraft have up to four seats With the pilot occupying one of those, we are able to carry up to three passengers (some restrictions apply). Feel free to ask us for more information when making your booking.