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Ottawa’s Rockcliffe Flying Club

At the Rockcliffe Flying Club in Ottawa, we are enthusiasts, instructors and advisors. But most of all, we are flyers. And we LOVE what we do. You can expect us—without exception—to go to extraordinary lengths to make sure you are not only the best pilot you can be, but also that flying at RFC is the safest and best overall flying experience you can have.

Love hanger talk? You’ll find no better stories than from our RFC members pilots and instructors. Need to pull in and fill up in Ottawa before being on your way? We can help. Need a little extra advice? Rockcliffe Flying Club members can offer plenty of that, too.

  • Are you determined to finally stroke “learn to fly” off your bucket list?
  • Are you a young woman or man who just wants to be able to take to the sky and enjoy great weekend adventures?
  • Are you a seasoned pilot looking for a club?
  • Do you want to explore a career in commercial aviation?

We can help make it happen—and everyone is welcome!

If you are interested in aviation, we are interested in you! Our Ottawa-area flying club boasts a friendly atmosphere and wide range of air and ground services. And we have some of the best and most experienced instructors you’ll find anywhere.

We invite you to start your journey right here as a member of the Rockcliffe Flying Club. Contact us today at to learn more.

Or, better yet, why not drop by and meet some members? We are located in Ottawa just off the Sir George-Etienne Cartier (Eastern) Parkway beside the Canadian Aviation and Space Museum, just 10 minutes from Parliament Hill.

Ottawa’s Rockcliffe Flying Club Services

Who are we?

We are passionate about aviation and are committed to making your dream of flying a reality. Established in 1961, the Rockcliffe Flying Club is one of the longest and most respected flying school in Canada.

The Rockcliffe Flying Club is a Transport Canada approved Flight Training School. Our ground and air instruction syllabus includes training towards the Recreational Pilot Permit and Private Pilot Licenses, the Night Rating, VFR OTT as well as the Instrument Ratings.

The size of our school ensures that a flight training program can be tailored to meet the requirements of the individual student. We also offer a variety of other services, such as sightseeing, aircraft rentals, pilot supplies, fuel sales, tiedown and maintenance.

With over 350 active members, our flying and social events continue to increase in size and number, including our Canada Day celebration, the Wings Dinner, flower bombing and spot landing contests and much more.


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