5 steps to blue sky!

The Rockcliffe Flying Club’s 5 step program will get you to a Private Pilot Licence in 5 Easy Steps. You will easily see the progress you are making in learning the necessary skills to be a safe pilot and have fun getting there.

Step What you will learn What you will be able to do
1 – Basics How an airplane flies, how to control it, how to prevent and recover from potentially dangers situations, and most importantly, how to land! Takeoff, fly to a local destination, climb, descent, turn, safely land the airplane.
2 – Solo! We will send you out by yourself for the first time in an aircraft, and then you will practice takeoffs and landings in different situations. You will have your student pilot permit and radio license and you will be able to fly around the airport, under the supervision of an instructor, but alone in the airplane!
3 – Spreading Your Wings We will review the exercises in step two, learning better control, explore procedures to be used in cases of emergencies, and some more navigation You will be able to leave the airport by yourself to practice exercises which you will have done first with an instructor.
4 – Preparation for Flight Test We will review together and let you practice solo all the maneuvers you will need to be proficient in for your flight test. We will also do a practice flight test with you to ensure you are ready for the real thing. Refine your skills, build your confidence, and complete your first epic 150 NM cross-country flight!
5 – Flight Test, Written Test, and LICENCE! This is the real takeoff. The written test will test your knowledge of theory, regulations, procedures, and meteorology. The flight test will establish if you are safe to let go and carry passengers. The pilot examiner will be your first official passenger. If you have completed all the hours required, pass the flight test and the written test, you will be ready to go. Congratulations! Launch your career as a pilot and start really learning!

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